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Workshopping it:

In this section we will ask you a few questions about you to help us plan the breakout sessions for the hands on portion of our evening. Our goal is to provide you with some tangible tools that will help you become better prepared to navigate conversations about pay. The questions below will help place you in the right break out session for your career.

What industry do you work in?
Are you working for yourself or employed by a company?
Employed Full Time
If employed by a company, are you looking to :
switch roles in the same company
move to another company
transition into freelancing/self-employment/entreprenuership
What do you find most challenging when it comes to discussing pay/ salary/ compensation?
Negotiating your salary in a corporate environment
Setting your hourly rate
General Financial Savyness
Transitioning Industries

We're excited you want to join the conversation! We'll be discussing in a panel breifly before breaking out into hands-on workshops with out panelists. Please fill out to make this event tailored to your needs.

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